The city's health department announced there is a mumps outbreak in Brooklyn, with at least 57 "confirmed or probable cases." How? Well, the Daily News reports, "The outbreak was traced to a child who went to Britain - where the illness is more common because of lower levels of vaccination - and then attended a summer camp upstate, apparently infecting dozens of kids."

The cases have been in Borough Park, mostly affecting kids 10-15 years old, but victims have been as young as 1 and as old as 42. Apparently the majority of the victims have had the "normal two doses of mumps vaccine, which is supposed to protect against the illness 90% of the time." NYC assistant commissioner of immunization Dr. Jane Zucker said, "We know that approximately one in every 20 people who are vaccinated may not develop antibodies. If the vaccine was not effective we would have many, many more cases. "

The Mayo Clinic says, "The primary — and best known — sign of mumps is swollen salivary glands that cause the cheeks to puff out," (more symptoms here) and the city says if you think you have the mumps, stay home for five days. NJ officials believe the 30 confirmed/probable cases of the mumps are related to the Borough Park outbreak.