The Department of Education proved that either their test vendor hates them/is stupid, lightning can strike twice or God really hates it when third graders taking a re-test of their important math and English tests (ones that decide if they get promoted to the fourth grade) found the make-up tests to be faulty as well.

[W]hen the children sat down to begin the test Wednesday morning, instructors made students stop because the letters corresponding to the choice of answers in the test booklet – which were A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H – did not correspond with those on the answer sheet, which were only A, B, C and D.

In an effort to deal with the problem, the Department of Education instructed teachers to try to clarify the issue by going to the chalkboard and writing, “A=E, B=F, C=G, D=H.” The DOE also gave students more time to complete the exam since they were being given different directions.

This comes after some students found themselves looking at questions they had already seen before, since their teachers "wrongfully" saved old tests to use as practice tests - thus paving way for this retest. There's talk of parents and politicians who want this second tests invalidated, and Gothamist has to agree with them. Imagine that you're eight, nine years old, and you have to take the most important test that will decide whether or not to get to go to the fourth grade. As for the messed-up second test, all we can say is, "Are you kidding me?" Honestly, these poor kids. If this happened with the SATs, there would be bloody murder.