Mayor B mulches; Photo:

Seeing dried out Christmas trees sitting on sidewalks, with remnants of tinsel clinging to them, is a forlorn site, so taking your Christmas tree to a New York City park to be recycled is a great idea, lest you stumble into the spindly mess when you're coming home drunk from St. Patrick's Day bar runs. Mulchfest 2004 can be found at a NYC park near you this Saturday (January 3) or next (January 10). Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe encourages tree owners to come:

All New Yorkers can chip in and help New York City this holiday season by recycling their trees. MulchFest is a great tradition that allows the public to do something good for the environment. Winter is a wonderful time to spend in our parks, and MulchFest 2004 provides just one more reason to come out and stay for some fun.

A great tradition (since 1997 – thanks, Rudy!) for all New Yorkers to incorporate into their holiday schedules. Gothamist loves this city.