A 19-year-old NJ resident was smiling for some reason during her mug shot after being arrested: Wyckoff police say that Margaux Tocci invited her ex-boyfriend to go for a ride in her new car—only for him to get beaten by two men with a baseball bat and pipe.

The victim apparently said that Tocci drove him to a high school last night and suggested a walk. When they were outside, the Bergen Record reports, "The victim was then approached by two male assailants, in their late teens or early twenties, who were carrying a baseball bat and a pipe. The attackers beat the victim while Tocci is accused of watching...The attackers took the victim’s wallet and removed cash. They also smashed his cell phone, authorities said."

Tocci and the attackers allegedly left in her car. The victim walked to a house and let the homeowner know he was attacked; he was treated at a hospital and needed stitches. After police found Tocci, she was arrested for robbery and theft. Police said that she "refused to provide information on the two men who carried out the assault, and an investigation into the incident remains active."