Sometimes the weather can be aesthetically pleasing. Not just in a rainbow and fluffy cloud kind of way, but also in the way the jet stream and upper level disturbances interact with high and low pressure systems near the ground.

Today is not one of those meteorologically pleasing days. A stationary front stretching south and east of the city will reanimate and move toward us as a zombie cold front this afternoon. It's hunger for human flesh not sated until heat, humidity, hail and the hounds of Hades are unleashed upon the Big Apple. Or not. It is not clear whether the heat, humidity and front will produce enough instability to birth a thunderstorm or two this afternoon. Showers and thunderstorms are much more likely late tonight.

Any rain should end tomorrow morning and the skies should be mostly sunny by Saturday afternoon. Look for a high in the low 80s. Again with the low 80s under sunny skies on Sunday and Monday. Some sort of rain appears to be arriving on Tuesday.