Maurice Parks, who killed a man he thought mugged him—but was actually just a bystander—was found guilty of second-degree murder. Over a year ago, Parks, a martial arts expert, had been mugged and stabbed by a group of men on his way home; shortly after the attack, he ran into a man he thought was one of the muggers—so he stabbed him as he was on the phone with 911. Bystander Flonarza Byas died; the NY Times reports Byas "had 15 wounds, including 7 in the back." Parks's lawyer told the Daily News, "You take one piece away, none of this would have happened. It's a tragedy all around... His whole stabbing of Mr. Byas is a reaction to what happened to him." Parks will be sentenced next month and faces a minimum of 15 years in prison. The Times also brings up how Parks applied (and was rejected) to the NYPD three times and that in 1994 he was previously charged with attempted murder, for shooting and wounding a man who tried to rob him (a grand jury decided not to indict him).