A brazen gunpoint mugging in Central Park has the papers pondering whether or not it's safe to pass through the green-space at night. The discussion comes after three muggers held up two men who were walking near the intersection of East Drive and East 102nd Street on Sunday at around 12:30 am. According to the Daily News, one of the perps pulled out a gun while his accomplices snatched a wallet and an ATM card from the victims, aged 25 and 22. When a 46-year-old passerby happened upon the scene of the crime, the robbers held him up and stole his wallet. After the perps fled, the victims hailed down a passerby and called 911. Police canvassed the area and arrested 20-year-old suspect Ramelle Moore, whose arrest record includes busts for drug possession and trespassing. The other suspects remain at large.

The Post reports that this is the third violent incident in Central Park in the past 10 days. On Nov. 2, two muggers held up a 62-year-old and took his Blackberry, wallet, $100, credit cards, and IDs near the intersection of East Drive and the Great Lawn at around 7:20 pm. And on Oct. 29, two assailants put a 21-year-old man in a choke-hold and struck him on his forehead on a trail near 97th Street and West Drive at around 4:10 pm. Though crime is down in the park overall this year, police have increased their presence in the wake of the most recent stick-up, according to WCBS.

Some park users were surprised by the muggings, but others acknowledged that crime can happen anywhere. "When you walk through the park that late, you're playing Russian Roulette," said Ruby Pearson, 60, an art dealer whose son was robbed in Central Park earlier this year. "99.9 % of the time, it's going to be fine, but all it takes is one desperate guy and you're going to be in trouble." Dog walker Larry Heatherington said he has no fear when he visits in Central after dark. "The dog can protect me, don't you worry about it."