2007_03_granny.jpgIn an attempt to find a really twisted individual, police have released surveillance footage of a man attacking a 101-year-old woman in a building vestibule earlier this week. You can see the video here, and it's vicious. Rose Morat was returning from church around 12:30PM back to her Flushing apartment building when she saw a 30-something year-old man outside her building. From the Post:

"He looked pleasant and he had a beautiful smile," she said.

He even seemed chivalrous at first, she said, offering to help her to the street.

"I saw the man sitting there," she said. "He got up and said, 'I'll help you with your walker.' "

"No, thank you, I know how to handle myself," she said.

The mugger then helped her with the door, but as she tried to pass through, he pounced on her.

"All of a sudden I got the bang, and then I saw stars," said Morat, who suffered a fractured cheekbone.

The attacker punched her multiple times, and giving her a final punch that brought her and her walker down! He got away with $33. Morat spent four days recovering in a hospital.

Then 85-year-old Haitian immigrant Solange Elizee who lives in a nearby building was attacked as well. Solange has Parkinson's and uses a walker, and the man used the same "Can I help you" schtick. Solange told the Daily News, "He pushed me and began to beat me in my face. He hit me in my face and my head and my mouth, and I had lots of blood coming out of my mouth." Elizee was robbed of $32 and her wedding ring of 60 years. What kind of sick f---s are running around?

Police are looking for tips at 800-577-TIPS. The suspect is described as a black male in his 30s.