Manhattan User's Guide

asked eight New York bloggers what their 10 favorites things are in the city, and the lists give nice notice to what makes the city their beloved home:
The Morning News' Andrew Womack picks St. Helen Cafe in Williamsburg, "Recommended if you like: elk in your artwork. And I do."


• Remy Stern of New Yorkish likes "All the fantastic coffee outlets not affiliated with multi-national corporations bent on world dominance" such as MUD and Porto Rico.
• For food, Lockhart Steele digs fast-casual Chipotle, in spite of its owned-by-McDonald's stigma - and its website is "well-nigh psychedelic" - as well as bestowing favorite restaurant honors on Blue Hill.


• Rosencrans Baldwin of The Morning News picks The Knicks, because "Everyone loves a tragic story where everyone gets hurt. But a million good wishes to Latrell Sprewell and Jeff Van Gundy wherever they go."
lightningfield photoblogger David Gallagher gives it up for the B-D-N-Q trains over the Manhattan Bridge: "It's your standard commute until the sun suddenly pours in and your subway train starts to fly and everyone pulls out their cell phones."


Amy Langfield loves the dog runs - "There's a reason the viewing areas for the dog runs in city parks get crowded with non-dog-owner onlookers."
• Ari Paparo of Everything NY points to d.b.a.'s strengths, "How many other bars have WiFi and outdoor space?"
• Gothamist also contributed: Two things you need to know about Jen is that her favorite newsman is WNBC's Gabe Pressman and she'll deal with angry senior citizens trying to run over her with their shopping carts to get cheese from Steven Jenkins at Fairway.

Thanks, Charlie, for letting us contribute. We, probably like the others, feel like we barely scratched the surface, so if you ever want to do Favorite Things, 11-20....

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