2005_09_satir.jpgThe humidity has been zooming upward today thanks to Hurricane Ophelia. The hurricane isn't likely to hit us. Polonius told her to stay away from our humble hamlet. However, Ophelia's humidity, along with a cold front approaching from the west, may combine to give us some much needed rain. The Weather Service and weather.com both say there's at least a 50% chance of rain tomorrow, meaning it has rained on half the days when conditions similar to this have existed in the past.

Still, there's an old saying among weather forecasters: "don't predict rain in a drought". We haven't had a substantial rainfall in almost a month. The ground is bone dry and lots of trees are showing signs of water stress. This morning Gothamist's gut feeling was that the rain wouldn't amount to much. Maybe it was the extra bottle of cough syrup at lunch, but this afternoon we are more inclined to believe that it will rain tomorrow. As the cold front passes high temperatures will drop to the more normal upper-70s and perhaps the lower—70s over the weekend.