Five years ago this week transit workers struck, bringing the city to a standstill. So what is MTA Chairman Jay Walder getting transit employees for their wooden anniversary? Not a raise, if he gets his way.

Walder, like many, is still angry about an arbitrator's decision in 2009 to award transit workers four percent raises the past two years and a three percent raise set to kick in at the start of next year. The workers already got their first two raises and now the MTA, after losing arguments in court twice, is asking the Court of Appeals to step in. Considering the mess that the MTA's budget already is, we hope they do.

Transport Workers Union Local 100 President John Samuelsen, for his part, hopes they don't. He told the News the appeal was "a complete waste of taxpayer dollars" and "fruitless." Which, considering the two previous loses, isn't so wrong either. Oh bad budgeting. Happy holidays everybody!