Have you noticed the sensors at certain subway stations for the MTA's "contactless payment" system? Or, are you part of the program that is actually using them? In January, the MTA announced the Lexington Line, plus Jay Street/Borough Hall A/C/F and 23rd Street Ely Avenue 2/V stops would be the pilot test stations. We wonder if the testers need the special MTA fob, plus a Metrocard, as people will probably commute outside of the test zone.

And speaking of the Metrocard, NYC Transit spokesman explained to the NY Post on the best way to swipe a Metrocard:

"Here's what I always tell people. Hard and straight like you're going to punch somebody in the stomach. Straight and firm. People want to lift it up, but that's the critical mistake. No flick of the wrist, like in tennis. Hold it firm. Follow throgh. The next time you see someone having a problem tell them just make believe they are going to punch someone in the stomach: Boom."

We like it, but the problem is many people have weak punches and we're no Teddy Atlas.

Photograph of sensor taken at the Bleecker Street 6 station by Tien Mao