The MTA has produced a new on-air public service announcement campaign, with a focus on not texting on or near the city's buses. They also target those who wear headphones while walking (so, everyone). And cyclists who... crash into buses?

Their press release explains: "In addition to raising public awareness of safety issues involving buses, the MTA is testing technology to reduce the likelihood of collisions with pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles," like a pedestrian warning system, which sounds an external audio warning when a bus is making a turn." They say they are also enhancing training for bus operators.

These PSAs will accompany a print campaign, which will feature slogans like: “Watch out—don’t tune out!” But we sort of prefer: "HOLD ON TO THE POLE."

The cyclist PSA, meanwhile, has sparked a backlash on Twitter, with MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg jumping in to defend it.