The MTA is refreshing its campaign to remind mass transit riders to "See Something, Say Something" with some new print and television spots. The work acknowledges that the MTA and/or the police received 1,944 tips in 2006 (a total of 9,000 calls were made to 888-NYC-SAFE). MTA Executive Director and CEO Elliot G. Sander said, "We are proud that our customers play such an active role in keeping the system safe, and I am not surprised that the campaign has been copied around the world, from Chicago to Amsterdam. Keeping our customers safe remains the MTA's top priority."

What's interesting is that the NYPD enacted "Operation Lucky Bag" on subway platforms last year; they leave unattended shopping carts and bags to sting thieves. Of course, there may have been some mix-ups. How confusing!

The new ads are running between now and November. But our favorite "See Something, Say Something" poster is the one with K-9 German Shepherd Haggs outside a Union Square subway entrance - he's so cute!