2006_09_tline.jpgFor those who plan on commuting to or from the Upper East Side many years from now, you have something to look forward to - oh, and those of you living along Second Avenue, you might be annoyed - the MTA is getting ready to award a tunneling contract for the Second Avenue Subway's first phase this year, with digging actually starting in 2008, which means there's still time to relocate! Phase 1 of the long-long-gestating project would start at East 96th Street and go down to East 72nd Street, and make a connection to the East 63rd Street tracks. The only thing standing in the way may be Native American villages and burial grounds. The Post reports that the MTA will have archeologists "on hand to halt the massive tunnel-boring machine at the first sign of artifacts dating back hundreds of years." The MTA probably learned their lesson after coming across the big wall in Battery Park while trying to expand the South Ferry station.

The Second Avenue Subway has been in the works for ages, but recently (well, 2-3 years recently) gained more MTA support to move forward. The T line will run from 125th Street and Lexington to Hanover Square downtown; the Q will run along the T from 125th to East 63rd Street. And yes, the T would mean a Second Avenue L stop - the L will be just like a bus, stopping at each block! Phase 1, the 96th to 72nd Streets phase would be complete by 2013; phase 2 will be the 125th to 105th Street leg, phase 3 is 72nd Street to Houston, and then phase four is Houston to Hanover Square.

And did you know that some people call this line a "stubway"?