2006_11_citifieldsub2.jpgWith the Citigroup buying the naming rights to the new Mets Stadium, MTA executives are hoping to hitch a ride on the company's money train.

On Tuesday, the Daily News reported that the MTA will be in discussions with Citigroup about renaming "two MTA stations: the Shea Stadium stops on the subway and commuter railroad systems, an authority spokesman confirms." There were two opinions in the article: An MTA board member who said he would have "no problem with the MTA doing everything it can to increase revenues from non customers so as to keep fares and tolls as level as possible," and the Straphangers' Gene Russianoff, who said, "What's next? Will we give riders directions to take the Bayer Aspirin IRT to Walt Disney's Times Square and then switch to the McDonald's 7 line to the Citigroup stop in Queens - which also happens to be the stop for the Mets Stadium?" Well, if the stadium is called "Citi Field," it would make some sense for the stop to be Citi Field, too. But it's true, we don't want the McDonald's 7 line - though we'd gladly have a Febreze IRT with Febreze-scented train cars.

Remember how two years ago the MTA announced it would look into sponsorships of subway stations, by issuing RFPs to various companies? And then the Top of the Rock is being hyped on the F train.