Our poor, beleagured MTA. Riddled with budget problems, crazy antics in Albany, and wacky developers and political dancing in Manhattan with poor funding all around, it's a wonder that any capital projects get off the ground. That's why the MTA is encouraging voters to vote for the Transportation Bond Act on November 8 when they head to the polls. The bill would give $1.5 million to the MTA, and help get projectslike the Second Avenue Subway, the LIRR-Grand Central connection, and downtown rail link to JFK off the ground. You'll be seeing posters on subways, buses, and commuter trains explaining the bond act. Newsday says that many transportation advocates and civic groups sponsor the bond act; Gothamist doesn't know what the other implications might be but we're pretty sure this bill is worth your vote. The state and city have pretty much really screwed up the MTA by taking away its funding over the years.

This bond act has a decent chance of passing, because it's really a $3 billion loan - half of it would go to upstate needs. Gothamist will try to expand on what the bill is when we see the ads.