The MTA is supporting the proposed fare hike in March to bring some much needed money to the agency, which has a defict of hundreds of millions. Now, all that's needed is for the entire board, which includes appointees from Mayor Bloomberg (who opposes the fare hike), to pass the measure. Sigh. The MTA also says it will now put aside $200 million a year for a "rainy day." Puh-lease. While this idea is great, Gothamist thinks "too little, too late." The Bloomberg administration does think there's still room for the MTA to do some internal budget tightening, especially with the private cars many executives get. The NY Times put a bunch of reporters on the tails of different MTA execs, finding out that many don't use the MTA and asking them why they didn't. For the most part, these execs seem to live in the suburbs, where having a car makes it easier to get around. Mayor Bloomberg said, "It's as symbolic as anything. If the management cuts itself, it's a lot easier to look at everybody else and say, 'You have to, as well.'" We expect some cuts to come at City Hall, when the next budget is announced!