Sisyphus was punished for being a "cunning knave" and forced to push a boulder uphill—only to watch it roll back down—for eternity. It really makes you wonder what this poor MTA worker did.

Is that a cup? Yeah, that's a cup, says Brayden Olson, a commuter who shot this pitiful scene during yesterday's deluge at the Montrose L station. Yesterday marked the 10th rainiest day on record, with more than five inches of water having fallen in Central Park. This employee is scooping roughly two teaspoons of water per 10 seconds. Another employee appears to be looking on—is he monitoring his progress, or studying his technique?

We've reached out to the MTA for further clarification on the sort of rainwater removal tools the agency is providing employees. In the meantime, here's a live-stream of what the worker is doing right now, and will be doing, forever.

Update, 4:09 p.m.: A spokesperson for the MTA clarified that while plastic cups are not officially sanctioned water-clearing devices, the agency applauds the employee's efforts—however futile—to make commuters' lives a little less water-logged.

"That's not something we give out to employees to use," the spokesperson said, adding that "I think this person was just doing whatever he could to make the situation better for our customers."

She's got a point: It has certainly made our day better.