As Frost (OK, a character in a Frost poem) once said, "Good fences make good neighbors." But we're sure building better sidewalks and making sure you're not blocking entrances to your neighbors' businesses can't hurt. After a number of SNAFUs on the 2nd Avenue Subway project, the MTA is trying to make good with the locals by fixing up the construction path. And like the disillusioned, battered wife to the 2nd Avenue Subway's drunken husband, we find ourselves willing to hope once more that this time things will be different.

Michael Horodniceanu, president of the MTA's Capital Construction Company, told the Post, "These are simple things that will make people happy, so people can actually be in that area and not hate every day they live there." That includes repaving chopped up sidewalks, new lighting, painting over the ugly concrete barriers and putting up maps showing pedestrians where businesses somewhat blocked by construction are located. They're also planning on letting people know when construction will be taking place on the MTA's website.

Business owners are reluctantly welcoming the attempt at a truce. Joe Pon of A & A Imported Motors at 92nd Street said, "At times I've seen it where there's twelve to eighteen inches of walk space on the sidewalk. And with the fences it is like a maze, so any help is welcome." If you look hard enough on the MTA's website, they do have a section listing businesses that are open but possibly blocked by construction, in case you were wondering if Pepi’s Hair Design is alive and well.