The MTA's constant battle with signage has claimed another victim. "Can It For A Greener Planet" trash cans, we hardly knew ye. Since February the MTA has slowly been rolling out a new, less wordy, garbage can decal that instead just says "Litter Stops Here." By the end of the year there should be 5,000 of the new cans in the system, according to the Times. The better to fill the garbage train!

The new decals come as the MTA has been doing a lot of toying with its signage, from the new service announcements to its overall graphics redesign. And honestly? We're kind of digging the simplified look (though we don't want to go digging in them). Not only is it more universally understandable, we like that now there are picto-men and picto-women throwing out their refuse.

No word yet on how much this totally necessary change is costing the MTA.