A Photograph of where cameras were placed in a skimming scam last year (MTA)

People, don't forget to check your banking and credit card statements for fraud—especially if you use LIRR ticket vending machines. The MTA says that LIRR employees found "card skimming devices and tiny hidden cameras attached to the TVMs" at the Baldwin station last week.

The discovery was made during a routine inspection; the LIRR employees immediately notified the MTA Police, which started an investigation. There is a suspect.

Last year, MTA police found card skimmers at a number of stations, resulting in the arrests of four Romanian nationals; they were caught when they returned to the stations to retrieve the skimming devices.

The MTA urges customers to check their banking and credit card activity to check for suspicious activity. The MTA Police Department asks anyone with information regarding TVM fraud to contact the MTA Police Communications Division at (718) 361-2247.