2005_03_flinebagels.jpgFollowing up eight months after MTA told Carroll Gardens bagel shop, F Line Bagels (decorated with various official MTA merchandise), to cease-and-desist using the anything-MTA-related in their store, a judge ruled that the store must indeed cease using MTA logos and materials. The judge said the Assad brothers just need to cover up the MTA logos, but the MTA wants the signs totally removed PLUS $5,000 in licensing fees. Clearly, no settlement was ever brokered, but did the Assads' lawyer try hard enough? Like offering free bagels for MTA employees? Faried Assad tells NY1, "t's not like we're stamping the bagels with an F, or an A, or whatever it is. We're not making money from whatever they're providing," and says that the store can't afford to pay the fees - they already spent $1,000 to subway-ify the store! Unfortunately, they will face contempt charges if they can't pay the $5,000.

Some of Gothamist's ideas for a new store name: Eff Line Bagels; Off Line Bagels; Fine Bagels; and our favorite, Feline Bagels. Sure, it won't be pretty, but it'll do the job. And does anyone in the Smith Street area know how F Line Bagels business has been?