Starting Sunday, New Yorkers are getting a couple more minutes tacked onto their weekend commute. The MTA is extending stretches between trains to ten minutes from the current eight-minute window that currently exists on most lettered lines. But according an internal memo from NYC Transit President Howard Roberts, straphangers probably won't notice too much—he said they're already used to the longer waits because of the weekend construction they already put up with. And why exactly are service cuts still coming since we thought they were taken care of with the MTA bailout passed by the (once semi-functional) state legislature? Well, it turns out that all the feet dragging that led to the eleventh-hour bailout may be to blame since MTA officials say transit workers had already locked in their summer schedules under the original proposal. Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign told the News, "Instead of aiming to improve things, transit officials want to make it official that weekend service stinks!"