2005_03_ftrain.jpgIt looks like the MTA is doing what matters: The NY Post reports that the MTA is busting a Brooklyn bagelry, F Line Bagels in Carroll Gardens, for mentioning the subway in its name and in its store's decorations. Apparently an MTA lawyer went into their store to let them know that the MTA wants the Smith Street store cease-and-desist with its various subway memorabilia, not to mention the store's name, or pay the MTA a licensing fee. The owner, Farid Assad, said he decorated the store with signs and pole he found on the MTA website, saying, "If they don't want people to use this stuff, then why make it available for anyone to buy? We bought the stuff on the MTA Web site, so we assumed it would be OK to use it." Mister, the MTA is not supposed to make sense, okay? Just because the MTA is trashing their stuff doesn't mean it's supposed to be enjoyed by mom-and-pop businesses. Of course, Gothamist hasn't visited F Line Bagels, so if anyone has, let us know; we'd understand that the MTA would be upset if the store's bagels absolutely sucked.

And what does this mean for other F train mentions? Is MTA going to bust Paul Ford's Ftrain? (Gothamist's interview with Paul here.) Are they going to make Elliott Smith's estate pay a fee for Bled White? And we thought the F train was the love train - what is this world coming to?