The seeing-is-believing adage doesn't really apply here—we won't accept that phase one of the Second Avenue Subway is complete until we're swiping our MetroCards at 72nd Street—but here's another reason the MTA is on the hook: the latest version of the subway map includes those new stations. Look, there's the Q train branching off just past Lexington Avenue!

Feast your eyes (via MTA).

And here's the downtown section of the W, which should be back on the rails by November, primarily to serve Astoria residents who are losing their Q service:

(via MTA)

The MTA is so confident that phase one of the Second Avenue Subway will be complete by December, that they've already earmarked some additional funds for phase two. And while it's important to remember that there's a difference between earmarked money and cold, hard cash, for now we'll just give it up for maps—imaginary, dummy, and futuristic maps.