2008_11_7l.jpgAs we briefly mentioned yesterday, the grades have come in on the second annual rider report cards for the L and 7 train lines. While only half the riders on the L and a quarter of those who take the 7 train turned in a report card when compared to a year ago, the results were roughly the same--consistently staying in the C-range in most categories. MTA officials were quick to highlight how riders gave both lines some more credit for how clean they kept their cars and stations (all the way up to B-minus for L cars). The lowest grades for both lines came in how riders felt about having adequate room during rush hour, with each picking up a D. The MTA tried to put the best face on the grades with NYC Transit president Howard Roberts Jr. saying, "What would have astonished me is if the results had turned out to be A’s.” Related: 2007 rider report cards for the 7 and L.