A highly paid, high-ranking supervisor with the MTA's Signals Division is under investigation for allegedly scoring a job in the department for his wholly unqualified and criminally-minded son. Patrick Sohan, 46, has been forced to resign and could face criminal charges after whistleblowers complained about the special treatment his son, also named Patrick, received. The elder Sohan, who got paid $122,263 a year to oversee signals for the entire subway system, allegedly filled out his son's application to the division and helped him fake his work history so he could get the job of signal maintainer, which paid $60K plus overtime.

And they would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for the younger Patrick getting caught in a lie about why he had to take a leave-of-absence from "work" earlier this year. Sources tell the Daily News that Patrick senior signed off on his son's paperwork, with the excuse that his grandmother had died. But in reality he had to miss work for jail, possibly due to a probation violation stemming from a sealed 2006 robbery charge. Sohan also robbed a 93-year-old woman when he was 18, and did time in state prison. Oh, and the News reports that there are also some petty larceny and disorderly conduct arrests in little Patrick's past. PLEASE BE PATIENT.

Yep, this was the kid with zero vocational-school background or electrical knowledge who was responsible for signal safety in the subway. Shocker, huh? "The father's a good guy," one source tells the News. "He's been here a long time. The son's a piece of garbage." Some might say the whole Signals Division is a piece of garbage, so what does it matter if Sohan was unqualified—it's not like they bother inspecting all the signals anyway.