An MTA supervisor allegedly stabbed a coworker during a fight at a Bronx subway station today. According to the News, 41-year-old MTA supervisor Alex Davis pulled a knife on colleague Kenneth Palacios at the Allerton Avenue 2/5 line stop in Bronxdale around 8 a.m. “It happened at the street on the job site. [Palacios] walked up to me and told me he just got stabbed. He said the guy just walked up to him and stabbed him. He was calm,” said another MTA worker, Clarence St. John.

The fight allegedly started after Davis, an ex-con who did two stints in prison for robbery and grand larceny about 20 years ago, was late for work this morning—the two were tasked with flagging traffic under the elevated tracks where construction work was being done. They got into a physical fight, during which Davis pulled out a knife and stabbed 57-year-old Palacios in the stomach. Palacios was taken to the hospital in stable condition where he calmly called his wife, telling her “I had an accident. I’m at Jacobi. Come down."

Davis was arrested at the scene, and has been charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon. An MTA spokesman said the incident is still under investigation, but Davis will face disciplinary action.