A contractor working for the MTA was crushed to death yesterday morning while unloading metal panels at the Q train Avenue M station. An NYC Transit spokesman told the Post that Richard Lang was "untying the load of panels when the load shifted" underneath him. He reportedly jumped down, but the load fell on top of him when he hit the ground. A witness said, "He climbed on top of the panels. They were unsteady, and it looked like they didn't tie them."

A police source said each panel, used as exterior walls in the elevated stations, weighed about 1,000 pounds. Lang worked for Preferred Transit Inc., a trucking company based in New Jersey. Unfortunately, the accident is the second tragedy to befall the construction site this month. In January, a 46-year-old woman was run over and killed by a forklift at the site. The driver claims he didn't see her, but felt a bump as he ran her over.