The F and L train are apparently too busy stocking up on supplies for today's storm and have taken the morning off, causing long and frustrating delays for late morning commuters and, in at least one case, requiring train evacuations.

Andre Plaut, 28, was commuting from his home in Chelsea to Dumbo at 9:15 a.m. Monday morning when his Brooklyn-bound F train stopped inside the tunnel near the 14th Street platform. "They said it was train traffic," Plaut said, "Then after 20 minutes, 'train traffic' again." Plaut says he was stuck on the immobile train for an hour.

While the MTA posted reports of a sick passenger disrupting the F, conductors on Plaut's train told riders that signal problems, and, later, a broken track were the cause of their mounting delay. After an hour, Plaut says a rescue train was sent down the track to free them.

"They asked everyone to move to the back of the train, to the last car. We walked through the back door into the rescue train, sat there for another 10 minutes, and then backed up to 23rd Street, where I finally got off."

Problems were reported elsewhere along the F line. At least one train reportedly transformed into a G, while another remained stationary at 57th Street as hordes of passengers crowded the platforms. But least one commuter was able to look on the bright side:

In the wake of delays and evacuations, the MTA is running Southbound F trains express from 42nd Street/Bryant Park to West 4th Street, while other Southbound trains are running on the E line to Queens Plaza, then becoming G trains all the way to Bergen Street. M trains are also experiencing "extensive" delays after service along the line was suspended in both directions. Additionally, L trains are suffering from delays due to signal problems.

All this means that, yes, the MTA is at full-on FML status. Check and @NYCTsubway for updates.