As expected, bilious Islamophobe Pamela Geller is filing a lawsuit against the MTA over a subway advertisement the agency rejected because it infers that Muslims are savages. Obviously, this means more publicity for Geller and her American Freedom Defense Institute, and while we're starting to hate ourselves for playing into her loathsome media game, her latest antics are at least good for a laugh, if only because she takes herself so seriously! On her blog "Atlas Shrugs," she declares, "On the eve of Rosh Hashanah our lawsuit against the MTA has been filed by free speech warriors and sharia opponents Robert Muise of the Thomas More Law Center and David Yerushalmi!" Cue trumpet flourish!

Geller has successfully used legal action to place other provocative ads on mass transit, most recently with ads on MTA buses showing a plane about to hit the second tower at the World Trade Center, with a rendering of the Islamic center and mosque planned for Lower Manhattan, and the question, "Why There?" (The MTA agreed to run the ad after some revisions.) This latest lawsuit is, according to Geller, merely her attempt to fight back in the MTA's "war on the truth." Selling copies of her book Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance has NOTHING to do with it, libtards.

CBS Outdoor, which is the MTA's media management company, told Geller that the proposed ad violates MTA standards, because it "demeans an individual or group of individuals." She counters, "I will say this until someone in those clueless ivory towers of the sharia-compliant MTA understands this. 'Savage' is accurate. The pro-jihad MTA cannot ban the truth, particularly in the political arena." She then ticks of a list of "savage" violence perpetrated by Muslims and Palestinians, while also balancing that with a list of "savage" violence perpetrated by Israel.

If history is any guide, the MTA will probably back down and agree to some sort of compromise rather than spend money fighting this lawsuit. And Geller will have the last laugh once her message of solidarity finally brings about an end to decades of war and hatred in the Middle East.