Hey, you know how the L train sucks, like, a lot? How it rarely runs on weekends, is mind-bogglingly crowded pretty much all the time, and is occasionally overtaken by Chippendale-lite male dancers? Well, the MTA knows, too! And they're coming to save you from your overcrowded commute, with the help of...one extra train. In December.

That's right, straphangers! The MTA hears your cries, and they will be answering them by supplying a single extra train between 9 and 9:30 a.m. on weekdays this December. The MTA has also vowed to run more L trains on the weekends starting next summer, which is funny, because we could have sworn that's when most of the construction work shuts down the L. Also funny? That 2007 report promising better service on the L by 2010. Oh, MTA, you cruel mistress.

The current report, which was commissioned by State Senator Daniel Squadron, also found that ridership on the L has grown three times faster than the rest of the system since 1998, and that the average morning rush hour train passing through Bedford Avenue was filled to 116 percent of its capacity levels. Officials promised, yet again, that they'll get right on adding more trains when that fancy new computerized system gets fully into place, you know, the one they've been working on for years.