Subway hell weekend is behind us, and now the transit system has been restored to its hyper-efficient, fast-paced glory. But were this weekend's irritating disruptions worth all the agita? The MTA, obviously, says yes, and NYC Transit's Twitter page is filled photographic documentation that workers were so totally busy repairing the infrastructure.

The Times sent reporters underground to get the usual quotes from disgruntled commuters, as well as MTA spokesman Paul Fleuranges, who says, "There is no good time to do major rehabilitation and system upgrade. If we don’t work on the railroad, it won’t work. It begins to fail, and leads to the conditions that plagued the system in the 1980s, which produced rampant derailments and fires that crippled the system. We’re not going to go back there." But man on the platform Eric Markowitz feels like "back there" is right now, and opines, "You wonder why they keep raising prices, while service seems to be cut more and more."

18 of 20 subway lines were experiencing diversions over the weekend, with only the 6 and M lines unaffected.