After last week’s fatal subway stabbings, city dwellers were shocked no footage had been captured of the suspects. But even as the MTA ramps up its security, only about 1 in 4 turnstile banks will have a camera trained on it, reports the Daily News. An MTA spokesman said there just aren’t funds for more. "Our focus is on completing the work that is underway in the priority areas identified with NYPD. We'll use the same process moving forward, doing as much as we can with the funding we have," said Jeremy Soffin.

So far 70 stations are rigged with the cameras, and by June that number is expected to reach 100. The agency asked that $250 million be set aside for security projects over the next five years, but Albany—where Gov. Paterson is hashing out a budget for the upcoming year—rejected the proposal. Bridge tolls, which would have paid for subway surveillance in addition to other improvements to the MTA, were voted down by the legislature. With things as they are the administration warned earlier this year that the planned security overhaul "may never be completed."