Criminals: did you jump a turnstile? Spray-paint a subway car? Haven't paid your ticket in 25 years? Well during the whole month of October, the Transit Adjudication Board is offering you a deal; if you pay the original fine on your ticket and they'll waive all those nasty late fees! The MTA is hoping the deal will encourage the scofflaws to fork over some much-needed cash, but the TAB says there's a lot in it for the ticket holders as well.

NYC Transit's lawyer, Martin Schnabel, told the Post, "Every year, we see people with outstanding judgments forced to pay them in order to enlist in the military, secure a government job or buy a home...we will be allowing people the chance to come forward to clear their records—and clear their consciences—without having to pay the interest and penalties which have accrued over the years." And though none of the 3 million outstanding violations are over $100, if even half of the ticket holders paid the dropped prices it could add up to a lot for the MTA. Not that they'd use it well, but it's a start.