The 4 train conductor and train operator who were caught allowing a 9-year-old boy into the train's operating car were apparently done in by the same culprit that many New Yorkers have fallen to—a little mishap involving some broken glasses. After initial suspensions, the MTA completed their investigation into the incident last month where a passenger heard the 4 train's announcements sounding a little squeakier than usual, only to be flabbergasted by the sight of the youngster emerging from the operating car. And while the MTA's look into the incident did discover that the boy was in fact in the area that is most definitely off-limits, neither of the two employees who allowed it were fired when it was confirmed that he did not actually operate the train.

City Room got the lowdown on the MTA's report of what went down leading to the boy getting inside the car. Apparently the train's conductor got a call from his cousin while the 4 was up in The Bronx. The cousin was looking for someone to watch her son, so the conductor had him meet up with the train when it arrived at the 125th Street station in Harlem and then ride with him in the conductor's car. The real trouble though began when the conductor dropped his glasses, knocking one of their lenses out. The operator told him that she had an extra pair, but now where would he be able to find an an errand-runner while the 4 was along its route???

When the boy arrived at the operator's car however, the conductor had found his glasses and asked if his cousin could stay put with the operator so that the train wouldn't be delayed. There he was caught making his now-infamous announcement. The report notes that the boy informed passengers that “the train was being delayed by train traffic ahead,” in proper subway diction.

Both the conductor and the operator received stern warnings and 20-day suspensions without pay. The MTA said it would retrain and further emphasize to all of its operators how strict their policy is about allowing unauthorized guests into the operating cars.