Aw, the MTA is giving a little bit back to its riders. And like the victim in an abusive relationship we're just so happy to know they care that we're almost willing to forget all the heartache and abuse the Authority throws at us on a daily basis. Yes, not only is the MTA making the G train extension permanent but they are also really bringing back some of its cut services! And even adding some! Oh MTA, let's never fight again!

Of course, the MTA isn't bringing back everything it cut in 2010's Doomsday budget and some of these changes won't kick in until next Spring...but the $29.5 million dollar plan unveiled today is certainly a start.

The plan outlined includes adding and extending services on almost 40 bus, subway and commuter rail lines. Really, guys, this is a big deal. There are a LOT of services being restored—including to the B64, the B39, the Q24, the M9, not to mention new bus services serving the Williamsburg and Greenpoint waterfront and DUMBO and Downtown Brooklyn. Also additional services being added to Metro-North and the LIRR. Really, just read the whole list yourself: