The sneaky campaign to make straphangers appreciate the next round of fare hikes seems to be going as planned. Yesterday, it was "leaked" that the MTA was considering a $130 unlimited monthly MetroCard—a $41 hike from the current $89, and $26 over the initially floated $104. Today, the MTA said in a statement, "This is not an official MTA proposal. I'd be very surprised if that's where we end up." And cue thankful riders forgetting all about the still-steep $15 hike and those "limited unlimited" cards, right?

The planned public hearings over fare hikes next month might be attended by their fair share of townsfolk with pitchforks, as straphangers have not been happy by the $130 suggestion, even if it isn't likely. “Come on, man!" one New Yorker cried to WCBS. “They just make it harder and harder for working class people in the city.” And Noah Budnick of Transportation Alternatives said, “Today’s MTA announcement is really a firm slap in the face to the riding public. It’s really unbelievable after the fare hike last year, the worst service cuts in a generation, and they’re coming back with an ungodly number for a monthly MetroCard."

Bloomberg, however, was all for whatever hikes MTA CEO Jay Walder deems necessary. He told the Daily News, "Thank goodness we have this guy. He is approaching this as an adult in terms of, we have to pay the bills, and we have to provide better service, and somebody's going to have to pay." Oh, so paying more for less means we'll get better service around here?