Metrocards; Photo - Eric Chung

While New Yorkers waited for news about whether the MTA's fare hike will be rolled back to $1.50, the MTA (it may seem like MTA day at Gothamist, but let's face it, in this city, everyday is MTA day) steeled for the possibility that the fare would be rolled back to $1.50 in the interim while the fare issue was debated in court: The MTA could offer one day of free rides for commuters, as an alternative to going back to the $1.50 fare. Hmm, one day of free rides, versus many days at $1.50...Gothamist feel it's one of those "great PR, lame in actuality" ideas, one that we won't be able to make fun of as the fare will remain $2 until the next round of court decisions.