Those new maps have barely had time to hit the walls, and now the MTA is considering implementing even more service cuts. The possible new cuts, which must be approved on Wednesday by the MTA board, could save the MTA an additional $3.7 million. Bloomberg did warn us. So what could possibly be on the chopping block this time?

Most notably, the MTA would cut rush hour service on the 7 train. Starting in December, the authority plans to cut four early-morning express trains on the line, with express service starting at 6:20 a.m. instead of 5:30 a.m. They would add a few more local trains in the mornings, but commuting times from outer Queens to Midtown would drastically increase. Reductions in service of 38 bus lines would also go into effect in September, including less frequent service on the M1 and M4. MTA board member John H. Banks III told the Times, "This is just the beginning. Unless there is a dramatic change in what is anticipated from Albany and the city—which I don’t expect—we’re in for a bumpy ride, no pun intended." Too bad, that pun is the only thing keeping us from flying into a violent rage.

The service cuts are buried within these MTA documents [PDF], which actually have some pretty cool graphs on subway and bus ridership. At the end of every service cut proposal, NYC Transit does list one alternative: "Do Nothing." But that would be too much to ask, wouldn't it?