Stories about the MTA's proposed rules of conduct just keep getting better: The MTA board has decided to postpone voting on the stricter rules (no riding between cars, no drinking beverages) because, well, maybe some of the rules are stupid. People have been protesting some of the new rules, noting that the rule against drinking "from an open container" was an amendment to a rule that barred people from even carrying them. Former Parks Commissioner Henry Stern, now working with a "good government group against rules" according to Newsday, said, "You're going to get into problems with each and every case." The NY Times reports that station agent Martin Goodman was at the MTA meeting and "chided the board members," asking them, "Are you actually New Yorkers? Why not ban newspapers? In the wrong hands, they can become litter as well." We love you, Martin Goodman! MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow said that the postponement showed, "If people say something to us, we think about it. We're actually not ashamed to admit that we might have gone too far."

The Times also has a super graphic that explains what kinds of drinking containers are banned and allowed: Your Poland Springs sports bottle is okay, but your Starbucks isn't. And baby bottles are "Definitely not a problem," according to NYC Transit spokesperson Charles Seaton. And perhaps in a preemptive strike against adults taking up the baby bottle habit (remember when that was a fad? Or was that pacifiers?), he adds, "Youngsters have nothing to worry about."