Things are looking worse for Bronx special education teacher James Tavaras. Earlier this week Taveras was busted trying to steal one of Sophie Blackall's gorgeous Missed Connections MTA posters off a south-bound 6 train at 96th Street. Already facing charges from the police, now Tavaras is in hot water with the Department of Education.

Though the Department is keeping mum on exactly what "administrative action" Tavaras faces, it will definitely add to the 34-year-old's headaches. He already faces charges that include possession of stolen property, petit larceny, and possession of burglary tools (in this case, a screwdriver).

We've reached out to the artist, who also maintains this lovely Missed Connections blog, about the incident but have not heard back. Meanwhile, we're still confused why a grown-man would think it would make sense to try and steal something off of a subway in Manhattan. In the middle of the afternoon (4 p.m.!!!). Especially when the poster is available for $24.95 from the MTA store. At least he could have gone after a non-MTA poster, like one from Dr. Zizmor or another local business. Like this classic that somebody pulled off a 7 train at the end of the line many, many years ago:

A classic Bronx Zoo poster that once upon time graced a 7 train.