It's not just Grand Central being secured these days. Oh no, the MTA wants in on that action too. They may not want bomb-proof garbage cans (sorry Weiner!) but that doesn't mean they don't want security, or at least the image of it.

Hence the story in today's News on the MTA's recently approved plan to have a Staten Island marine firm "bolster underwater subway tunnels with layers of concrete and dirt to stop any flooding from a bomb blast." The $17.1 million contract was approved along with an $80 million surveillance program that expands on the $212 million security contract the Authority signed with Lockheed Martin last year. Sounds like a dam good idea to us!

But we save the best for last because really, who believes anything the MTA says anymore, right? Thanks to the strike, the never-working L train, the never-built Second Avenue subway line and the seemingly daily other fiascos that befall it, the MTA has in the past few years managed to lose whatever slim amount of integrity that it might have ever had in the eyes of the public. Which is why we just love the idea that they have hired an "integrity monitor to help weed out corruption and other malfeasance on major construction sites before it happens." About time!

Subway tunnel from deltacbravo's flickr stream.