MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow; Photo - NewsdayFurther proof the heads of most corporations, especially ones affiliated with the city, are insane: Newsday reports that MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow used "his grandfather's search for immediate relief in a snowstorm" as an analogy to reducing the current $2 fare:

"We could pee in our pants now... But we're going to face it again next year, guys," he said at the breakfast gathering sponsored by West Side Chamber of Commerce.

That was all a way of saying that that no matter what the courts decide, subway and bus base fares will have to stay at $2, or jump even higher next year.

...[I]n response to a question from a reporter in the audience about whether the agency might settle out of court with fare hike opponents, he related a story his grandfather once told him about his childhood.

"It was minus 10 degrees," Kalikow began. "He was bundled up and the snow was 40 feet high. Then all of a sudden he had to take a pee. What does he do? If he unbuttons his 50 layers of clothing, he'll freeze to death. He doesn't want to do it, so he says 'Lemme just go.' "

Guests at Tavern on the Green shifted in their chairs. Most had just finished eating a breakfast of waffles and bacon.

"Guess what? The urge now was gratified," continued Kalikow. "It felt warm and comfortable and soft. And he says 'This is pretty good.'" Then ten minutes later it freezes."

The MTA and the watchdog group, the Straphangers Campaign