- The Straphangers' Campaign's Gene Russianoff has a blog!

- Forty-nine MTA workers were saluted for their “bravery and selfless acts in aiding those in need” and given medals from the NYC Transit president Larry Reuter. One subway worker rescued a woman who fell in the tracks, and bus driver Courtny Granston helped nab a thief:

“I saw the cops pass me, and then I picked up this guy two blocks later,” Granston recalled. “He had this look of relief on his face.”

Later Granston passed the police interviewing an elderly woman. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw the man rifling through a pocketbook. “I called 911 on my cell phone, gave them a description of the man and the purse, and then they sent the cops.”

To give the police time to catch up, he pulled over at the next seven bus stops, though there was nobody waiting. When cops apprehended the man, they discovered he was armed and wanted for 15 other muggings.

Metro NY also points out that this incident was two weeks after the transit strike.

- The Transit Museum Store sells NYC Subway Hot Sauce. The description reads "Our hot sauce is a premium cayenne blend that can be used to spice up any cooking or grilling adventure," but Gothamist cannot believe they aren't saying "Hotter than a track fire" or "Like the subway, this'll get you moving."

- And there are some pretty awesome MTA YouTube videos: One has Governor Pataki heralding the "Metrocard Gold" in 1997 (you know it's the 90s with the jazz solo) and another has the 1978 and 1980 "Train to the Plane" spots.