2006_03_grandcentralclock.jpgEveryone is well aware of funky smells from all over the city, and the MTA is notorious for the variety of smells that emanate from their subways, buses, and stations. But who knew that the gorgeous information desk at Grand Central would reek as well? The NY Sun reports that a rat (or mouse) died in the walls of the booth, making it very difficult for workers to sit in there. In fact, the MTA set up a desk outside the booth, as a fan blew the offensive eau du rodent corpse away. We wonder if the rat was planted there, as a sign to union workers, but the Metro-North workers weren't really striking... Gothamist loves the information desk when it's free of stink, as the information desk, with the clock on top, is a very easy place to meet up with people. And did you know there's a stairway inside? It leads to a booth downstairs!

Some cool information about the clock at the information desk at Grand Central. And we noticed a rat on the sidewalk that someone turned into a tableau.