Two Bronx bus lines and a third in Brooklyn may be abridged tomorrow due to "Halloween vandals," which has to be code for "drunk teenagers." According to NY1, the MTA may skip parts of the Bx8 in Edgewater Park, the Bx24 in Country Club and Gerritsen Beach's B31, "depending on the behavior of those out celebrating the holiday." Terrible Elvira-esque costumes and 18-year-olds holding pillowcases going as "ghosts" are apparently still tolerated.

An MTA spokesman tells the outlet that they will work with the NYPD to determine which stops will be bypassed. The teenagers of Gerritsen Beach are rather notorious for their Halloween hi-jinx: last year they threw hammers and rocks at cars and buses, and some of the folks in the neighborhood don't appreciate the activities being documented. No word on whether the bus drivers will be expected to maintain a speed limit of 50 mph to avoid picking up people dressed up as Dennis Hopper.