With the bridge out to the Rockaways finally repaired, the MTA can now focus its attention on other parts of the system that were damaged by Sandy. While the Montague Tunnel, which takes the R train from Brooklyn to Manhattan, was back up and running only a few weeks after the storm, it still bears substantial damage from the floodwaters, and will need to be shut down for a good amount of time while work is done to replace parts.

In a document looking for construction bids released by the MTA two weeks ago, the need for extensive repairs is evident: workers will need to basically replace almost every electrical part that ended up underwater, and is corroding because of its exposure to sea water.

The bid request reads,

"Work includes the demolition of existing duct banks; removal & disposal of existing tunnel lighting, conduits, wiring, fixtures, ballast & receptacles; construction of new duct banks; installation of new Power & Communications cables in the new duct banks... rehabilitation of two substations (Montague Furman Substation & Broadway-Park Row Substation); new tunnel lighting including fixtures, wiring, & conduit; replacing isolation dampers & wiring for the fan plant; replacement of three submersible pumps & new AC/DC lighting at the pump rooms..."

The MTA is looking to start these repairs as soon as possible, over eight months after Sandy hit. Of couse, none of these repairs will stop the flooding of the tunnel from happening again. And with hurricane season officially starting this week, the MTA is no closer to having a system less vulnerable to extensive damage.