People lose things on the subway and buses all the time. And most people assume that it's gone for good—despite the fact that the the MTA has quite a large Lost and Found (more of a Lost than anything else). So, once again the MTA is selling off some of its bounty. Which is one way to help fix the Authority's budget, right? And maybe score a cheap violin or clarinet [PDF]!

This morning the NYCT Twitter feed has been hard at work posting items currently for sale. And it really is just the tip of the iceberg. You can see the full list here which (because it also includes unneeded MTA equipment) includes everything from a cardboard baler to shoes, dot matrix printers to respirators, and cubicles. Yes, cubicles. Oh, and buses [PDF].

Wondering how long the MTA waits before it starts selling off your lost goodies? Good question. They say "the retention period for an item depends on its estimated value: $0-$100 hold for 3 months, $101-$499 hold for 6 months (typically cell phones, games, mp3 players), $500-$4,999 hold for 1 year (typically jewelry) $5,000 and greater hold for 3 years." The MTA apparently makes about $25,000 a year off its auctions—so, uh, if you don't want a fare hike please keep losing your stuff everybody!